Vol 35 No 1 (2019)
Critical Review

Considering Kingsolver’s “Great Barrier” for Beyond the Pastoral

Madison Myers
University of Denver, PH.D. Candidate
Published February 25, 2020


Looking at stories, we can begin imagining processes of reworlding, processes that involve un-learning and re-learning our relationships with the environment in a more-than-human world, and I wonder, too, if poetry can lead us to a similar place, poetry offering an approach toward a collaboration with the nonhuman in a more than human world. Barbara Kingsolver's poem, "Great Barrier," generally and broadly responds to climate change and the anxiety surrounding our limited amount of time to dramatically address climate change. I argue that she allows the potential for completely reimagining new practices and processes toward approaching the Anthropocene through the genre of poetry that does not return to something familiar.