Vol 27 No 3 (2011)

Gabriel Manrique: An Environmentalist Filmmaker

Jorge Conesa-Sevilla
The Forest
A picture of three deer in Yosemite National Park.
Published November 15, 2011
  • Environmetalist filmmaker,
  • ecosophy in action


"At a time when amorphous movements like “ecopsychology” are already and quickly becoming “gentrified” (the “gentrification of green”), attracting the “emancipated” weekend suburban “green warriors” to “slow-feeding” and farm-marketing, here is a young person who risks life and limb to make our planet a better, safer, and more just place to live—in our collective name he endures what most of us would not. Serious documentary filmmaking can and does operate as “witnessing.” Gabriel Manrique adopts this “sacred” task with ample cinematographic talent."