Vol 26 No 3 (2010): Ecosophical Education

The world as co-teacher: Learning to work with a peerless colleague

Sean Blenkinsop
Simon Fraser University
Chris Beeman
Queen's University
Published September 10, 2010


This papers focuses on the stories of two aboriginal people who in their own particular ways have taught us a tremendous amount. Through sharing their stories we will work towards supporting our claim suggest that the world as co-teacher can be understood as being more than just a metaphor. The paper extends this discussion into the work of philosophers Martin Buber and Benedictus Spinoza adding another layer to the compost pile are building. We end this discussion by suggesting a series of implications that result with regard to teaching, learning, and possibly beyond that are a result of this seeming minor shift from the other-than-human-world as backdrop for education to active co-teacher for our students and even ourselves.