Call for Applications: Volunteer Copyeditors


Call for Applications for Volunteer Copyeditors

The Trumpeter: Journal of Ecosophy

Editor-in-Chief: Nathan Kowalsky (St. Joseph’s College, University of Alberta, Canada)

Production Editor: James Bachmann (Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia, Canada)

The Trumpeter is a journal dedicated to the development of an ecosophy, or wisdom born of ecological understanding and insight. As such, it serves the deep ecology movement’s commitment to critically explore and analyse environmental concerns in light of ecological developments at every relevant level. The Trumpeter publishes high-quality scholarly research articles, poetry, narratives, cartoons, and book reviews relevant to the interdisciplinary environmental humanities. This includes, but is not limited to, environmental philosophy, environmental ethics, Indigenous knowledge, eco-criticism, eco-poetry and eco-poetics, nature writing, eco-psychology, eco-theology, bioregionalism, political ecology, environmental history, and the theoretical rather than empirical aspects of environmental studies (environmental sociology, environmental anthropology, etc.). The editors especially encourage submissions concerning or inspired by deep ecology, eco-phenomenology, ecofeminism, eco-primitivism, or other forms of ‘radical’ environmental theory.

The Trumpeter is soliciting applications for copyeditors. Applicants should be aware that as an open access journal, all editorial roles at The Trumpeter are unpaid volunteer positions.


Copyeditor applicants should be fluent in Canadian English, demonstrably competent with both electronic word processing (especially Microsoft Word) and the requirements of The Chicago Manual of Style, well organised, and able to use an online submission system. Applicants do not need to have an academic affiliation. Preference will be given to applicants who have a strong interest in the interdisciplinary environmental humanities (in line with the journal’s mandate), ideally with an affinity for the deep ecological movement, broadly construed.

Position Description

Copyeditors can expect to edit roughly 6-8 submissions per year, although this can vary depending on the number of issues (usually only one per year), the number of submissions per issue (usually between 12-20), and the number of copyeditors available (hopefully more than two). The editing process involves reading submissions to ensure correct grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation, as well as consistency of usage and conformity with citation conventions. Copyeditors will be trained and managed by the Production Editor, and will collaborate with submission authors to ensure that each manuscript is error free and ready for layout.

Application Process

Those interested in a copyediting position with The Trumpeter should submit a short (one page) cover letter outlining their relevant experience and interest in the position and the journal. Applications should be submitted electronically to

The Production Editor, together with the Editor-in-Chief or the Editorial Advisory Board of the journal (as needed), will begin review of applications on 1 May 2021 and continue until the positions are filled. Decisions will be based in large part on the skills and experience of the applicants, but will also take into account the balance of disciplinary expertise and other relevant factors.